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Thursday, February 24, 2011

where credit is due...and gay marriage

This morning, GM reported its first annual profit since 2004 - $4.7 million - the most in more than a decade. To state the obvious, I credit this to the Obama administration's Big Three bailout. According to the Times, tens of thousands of GM employees will receive profit-sharing checks of over $4000 each. Chrystler and Ford are also cutting bonus checks to their employees. By saving GM, the government has indeed preserved jobs, which is what the initial goal was. Although the government still needs to sell its remaining shares at high enough prices, it has also already recovered billions from GM. (ok - it's only about $7 billion out of the $50 billion needed to validate the decision to save GM (as of Nov 2010), but still, things are looking up and thousands of jobs were saved) Where are the anti-government naysayers now? Somewhere thinking of other stupid things to harp about, that's where. Many of said naysayers believe in 'less government' yet these are the same morons who want the government to do many things still - including banning gay marriage - another hot topic in the news this week. Ban gay marriage! The least of things the government needs to do!! And/or SHOULD do!!

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