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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

my letter to my church

I've been an occasional parishioner at St Matt's for years now. While looking on the parish website for enlightening Lenten activities, I noticed the '40 Days for Life' posting. I haven't always agreed on the church's stand on certain issues, nor have I disagreed on all of them either, but I find this activity to be cockamamie.
Rather than harass Planned Parenthood patrons who 1)are not going to PP for fun, 2)who face difficult life situations and decisions, 3) may be going to PP for reasons other than abortion, why not go to the NRA and pray outside their offices? Many MANY more lives are lost senselessly from gun violence, particularly in DC.
Planned Parenthood provides affordable STD testing, primary care and preventive health services. They provide health education services. It's well known that DC has the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the nation, particularly among young African American girls and women. If the chuch is so 'pro-life', why shun PP, an organization that provides life-saving services and educational programs to such an at-risk population?
Please reconsider your focus. As Catholics, we should not judge others, especially those who are already in a difficult place in their lives.

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