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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

shake shack has arrived

When is anyone going to create a Shake Shack DC Yelp page already?
It doesn't exist yet. (as of 12:09pm)

I would, but I'm too cool to battle the hype lines. Just kidding. I've loved Shake Shack ever since my first Shackburger. I'll sacrifice standing in line to let more DC'ers try the goodness that is Shake Shack..
I also just want to know how DC ranks it's luscious burgers against all the other burgers in the area.

I hope they put up a shack cam for this location.

UPDATE 2:59pm: So there's a yelp page for it now, but the one and only 5-star review was written by someone who has already tasted SS goodness in NY and hence already love it.

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