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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

i love the olympics

Where do I begin? The Olympics, the A's' ride to the top of the wild card race, my trip to Steelers' training camp, my new fav cheese, rosemary fish... too much to write about!

I'll start with focusing this post on the Olympics and will begin with sharing my long-held theory that reflects my hopes of still one day becoming an Olympian. I believe everyone can become an Olympian! Given all the Olympic sports - both winter and summer (I bet you can't name every single one) - not everyone is going to pursue or even try every single sport. Hence, we all don't know what we're really good at, and alas, may never know. You could be the world's greatest shooter, rhythmic gymnast, handballer, or trampolinist! I've missed my chance to be an Olympian in badminton, but love that it's an event and love that it's televised (though not enough).  It's big day is yet to come - it'll catch on someday, and I'll be ecstatic when it's the cool thing to do.

(photo cred: BBC)

...and lo and behold, badminton's day in the limelight came today!...but not in a good way.

I wish all the news reporters would stop saying "...and of all sports, badminton." Hopefully this unfortunate story will pique people's interest in the sport and hopefully facilitates educating people about the sport; it pains me whenever I see birdies made for indoor play placed by backyard badminton equipment in sporting goods stores. There's a difference.

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