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Sunday, October 21, 2012

formerly recent eats

I've had these pictures in a draft post for a long time, but am only now posting them. I'll try my best to recap:

Here we have a home test that I imagine is almost as exciting as a pregnancy test: a beer taste test! From left to right Coors Light, Yuengling Light and Rolling Rock. Coors Light won. 

This is the most refreshing dessert G and I had in a while. It's coconut jelly in a coconut, with a generous amount of coconut flesh still present. When chilled, it's especially outstanding.

This was a spread of coconut porter and kolsh, with two styles of wings from Hmart. The wings weren't bad, but as a stand-in for BonChon, they don't compare.

This is one of our home-cooked weekday meals: Shanghai bok choi tips chowed with scallions and red catfish curry (and some limes). Thanks - we think we eat like kings too.

...another home-cooked meal: jalapeno pesto with fresh basil and parmesan on linguini fini. It's a new fave; you can make a whole container of the pesto, pour a layer of olive oil on the top and it'll be good in the fridge for weeks. Instant meal!

I enjoyed this cheese a lot. I generally like Swiss cheeses, but this was very different. It reminded me of Dubliner cheese; it had a slight yellowy color and it's texture was not as smooth as regular traditional swiss cheese.

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