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Sunday, January 22, 2012

thakoon pre-fall 2012

Last week, Moda Operandi sent me (and a million others) a peak at the Thakoon pre-fall 2012 collection, and boy is it a fuzzy, pastelly, and lovely sight.

Although the sleeves of this coat look too slim to fit any clothing under it, the coat as a whole is refreshingly different and when coupled with those slip-on masculine shoes, this look is perfect (but probably unpractical because when is it cold enough for a coat like this but warm enough to bare naked legs?).

Check out this other fuzzy eye candy:

...and its fuzzy companion: 

Super cute!

One more: 

The collection includes some bolder-colored items with sharper lines too but these softer confections are  what I like to look at.

(all photos courtesy of Moda Operandi)

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