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Friday, January 13, 2012

warm thoughts

...was just daydreaming about this dress that I got on sale, after last summer's warm weather dwindled away:

Image 4 of ASOS Midi Dress in Color Block
(photo cred: Asos)
I had the chance to wear it twice so far: once on a random warm fall day, and falled it up the other time with knee socks, high-laced boots and a sweater one chilly evening on a trip to Pork Barrel. The problem with always buying clothes when they're off-season and on sale is that you naturally want to wear your new item right away, but instead have to wait months and months for the appropriate weather conditions. It's funny because I just realized that thus is not only the story of sale-shoppers, but I suppose of those in the high fashion world too...what with fashion weeks and collections being unveiled in the season and year proceeding its intended release dates.

As for this dress, I love it's uneven hemline, color blocks and crisscrossed straps. It feels great and cool in warm weather, but would be a clingy static nightmare in the dry, cold winter...but I like thinking of it nonetheless, especially when it provides a nice distraction from work (what I should be doing now) and horrific happenings in the world (what I actually was doing before writing this post - reading about the genocidal violence in South Sudan...another example of something not very likely to happen if women were in charge). Whoa - didn't see that downer coming from a fashion post! Sorry.

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