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Monday, August 01, 2011

good gracious...

This is truly ludicrous. Another example of a Republican making crucial decisions based on their own agenda and not of their constituents - an entire state! in so much financial need. The FL governor has left millions of federal grant dollars on the table out of distaste for the Affordable Care Act. These are dollars that would fund community health centers, health education programs, patient transition, and other essential services. If you asked any person in FL (and I'm giving Florideans the benefit of the doubt here), I'm guessing they wouldn't turn away free money that would fund services they would use or create jobs they would gladly take. This one jerk (the governor) has prevented his ENTIRE STATE from getting jobs?!?! Isn't that what his party keeps preaching we have to create more of? REPUBLICANS ARE RUINING THE WORLD. They are condemning people who support them, who elected them into office- to lives of hardship. How long will Republicans be able to get away with this?!?!! HOW LONG!?! It's criminal!!!!!!
I've dedicated way too many caps lock letters, exclamation points and posts to these jerks.

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