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Thursday, July 28, 2011

republicans are ruining the world

This is so $%*&ing ridiculous...for lack of more eloquent words. I'm referring to this article about House Republicans wanting cuts in environmental regulations: Dumb Republicans
Their motive is clear, their intent is clear, their agenda is clear. This only benefits a few big companies and the sold souls of Republicans who are puppets to these companies. And will these companies create more jobs with their increasing wealth? Based on the recent job numbers, probably not. On another note, those getting tax cuts are NOT creating more jobs, contrary to what these assholes are claiming as their reason for resisting any tax raises...but I digress. But no, I don't, because this is all related to how the Republicans consistently act on behalf of their own agendas, NOT that of their constituents. They use "the American people" (to borrow their favored term) - nee they bank on the apathetic and uninformed population (uninformed because people are probably too busy working their asses off than to follow this disaster in Washington - which by the way is caused by this economic situation created by Republicans), to keep them in office then vote in favor of none of these people to whom they owe their employment. It's criminal. They don't listen to their constituents. As elected officials, they should vote on behalf of the people. These jerks should be the people's puppets. But alas, that's not the case. If Republicans get their way, they and their spawned offspring of future generations will enjoy their comfortable lifestyles in a depleted Earth, surrounded by sick and unemployed people, with the blood of tax-payer dollars on their hands and at the expense of everyone else. How sick and wicked is that.

Sorry - this post was a complete diarrhea-of-the-mind gush...similar to a rapid emptying of intestine-wrenching pathogens, which in this case, are bits of knowledge of what the Republicans are up to. So sorry for this post of tired and mangled thoughts and language. I'm as sick of it as you are.

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