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Monday, July 25, 2011

grad school

There's a special section in the Times all about grad school, and I've only managed to read one article, which posed the question - is a master's degree the new bachelor's? After reading it, I couldn't decide whether the article validated my decision to go to grad school, or completed devalued my degree. Given my discouragment in my job hunt as of late, I'd go with the latter...but remembering that without it, I would not have my current job nor would I have had some awesome work experiences in the past, so I guess it was worth it...right?

Well I guess it all may depend on any or all of the following: the field or industry, eventual career choice, immigration status, economic environment, networking ability...what else?
The last sentence of the article gives me indigestion: "Will the Ph.D. become the new master’s?"

Read the article here: The Master's as the New Bachelor's

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