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Thursday, July 21, 2011

todd kliman is an idiot

Just read on Eater that Washingtonian food critic Todd Kliman will be writing his review for America Eats, but he divulged a few thoughts before release of his review here. I think he's an idiot. I think his comments, particularly regarding the pot pie and key lime pie, completely invalidate him and I'm reconsidering renewing my subscription, considering the food section is a big reason why I subscribe, though I have found the reviews to be bland and late. And yes, I admit I read the reviews mostly for self-validation ("Hey I ate there already!...and yup, I ate there, and there..."). Does he not understand that the concept of the restaurant is lost American classics, reinvented? It even says on the restaurant website: "... America Eats offers a new take on American classics and celebrate native ingredients and some long forgotten dishes, from burgoo to oysters Rockefeller." Did he even attend Jose Andres' pre-opening talk at the Archives? Because if he did, he would have grasped that the food was going to be a bit deconstructed/reconstructed.

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