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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Landrum's Tantrum

(photo cred: Eater)

(The title of this post isn't really true, but I like how it rhymes.) In recent months, Michael Landrum of Ray's Hell fame, opened a new mysterious restaurant, closed another establishment (one of his most beloved), and turned it into a cheesesteak place.

Now let's rewind a couple months back when I expressed doubt about Michael Landrum's restauranteering style. Lo and behold, Eater reported (second-hand news from ARLnow) that Steak and Cheese has closed and has been restored as Ray's Hell Burger Too.  While 'order has been restored' on one side of Wilson Blvd, I wonder how Ray's to the Third is doing across the street (anyone try it yet?), and am still wondering if people are growing weary of this indecisive nonsense, particularly his employees.

...just sayin' and shruggin'...

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