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Friday, December 23, 2011

updated Christmas palette

(pic cred: here)

For this Friday fashion post, let's play with colors! Last Christmas, I tried to sport an updated Christmas palette that wasn't so 'cherry' and 'grass,' in reference to the 2 colors above. I can't remember what I wore, so I'm not sure if I succeeded. This year, I toyed around with shimmery rust and black, but my pieces just didn't fit right. After playing around with a handful of pieces, I came across a winning combination. So for this weekend's Christmas holiday, I will be wearing a 'citron' tank with a 'merlot' skirt, topped off with a black long-sleeve lace top - updated, with a Victorian touch (or so I like to think, even though I'm not so sure what that means). If I was celebrating Hanukkah, I'd love to pair 'Tiffany' blue with something. That dusty 'French' blue is nice, too.

I hope your Christmas is filled with lots of colors of happiness and cheer! (I'm thinking 'sunset' and 'lemon' - such happy colors!)

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