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Thursday, December 08, 2011

smaller, smaller...then bigger, bigger

(photo cred: PCWorld)

(photo cred: beatsbydre)

What's with the trend away from portability?  Remember when pagers (aka beepers) shrank?

           (both pager photo creds: Wikipedia; yes, that's a pager)                                             

Then cell phones followed suit...

        (photo cred: Wikipedia)                                                                             (photo cred: PCWorld)

...but now, big headphones are in and itty earphones are out and compact phone designs have made way for smart phones that can be seen as pocket-sized computers, secretaries, brains, libraries, banks etc etc (only they're so huge now, they don't even fit into pockets...pants pockets, at least). I've always been concerned about consolidating too many devices into one and still believe in functioning as I did ten years ago with a phone that's a phone, a paper calendar book, and an iPod, but look forward to the day when we can drive cars that have televisions built into them. Oh wait...those exist already.

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