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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

happy snacks

Here are some new finds from our latest Wegman's haul:

  • Holy seltzer! We bought 7 bottles, but it would have been more if G didn't stop me. I usually get about 4 bottles of their usual lineup of flavors, primarily pomegranate, cranberry lime and grapefruit. This visit, however, presented us with a surprise of Polar's 'Destination Flavors.' I've tried their ginger lemonade flavor from this line, but the ones you see above are new and exciting: Orange Mango, Pineapple Passion Fruit and Pina Colada (which is really good). G finds it amazing that the seltzer tastes and smells like its indicated flavor, yet has no calories nor is it sticky when spilled! Just fantastic. Seltzer water weened me from soda years ago, and I'm glad to see new flavors of it. HuffPost ran a sensory test of the new summer flavors; go here to read it.
  • There on the bottom is what is left of my wedge of Fol Epi cheese. It's tasty and creamy, and has holes of a Swiss cheese, but is a bit sweeter; a really nice, mild snacking cheese. I first tried it at Trader Joe's when it was the featured cheese for the month of June, and was elated to find it in the never-fail cheese section at Weggy's. It's my new fav, after snacking on Le Jeune Autise for a couple months.
  • The last item up above is our new fav chip: Crisproot Cassava Root Thai Ginger chips. They are super crispy, not oily, extremely flavorful, and are ridged. If cassava root were to chips as potatoes are, I'd be one happy snacker. It makes a significantly crunchier chip.

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