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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

his and hers cheeses

Here are some cheeses we picked up from Wegman's this past weekend.

Being a wasabi enthusiast who enjoys the pain of eating too much at one time, G was drawn to the wasabi cheddar...

...and being a cheese monster who never passes on free cheese samples, I caved in buying a pricey slim wedge of the La Jeune Autise cheese, after enjoying its delightfulness at the cheese counter. As the cheese counter lady pointed out, that's not mold (as you would find in blue cheese) - that's a vein of vegetable ash.

The wasabi cheddar is impressively wasabi-y, leaving only the texture as a reminder that you're eating cheese, as the cheddar flavor is very subtle (as you would expect when coupled with a strong flavor such as wasabi). Is the label redundant in saying "hot wasabi horseradish?" (I think it's redundant twice.)

As for the La Jeune Autise, the flavor is so mild and milky and the texture is so perfectly semi-soft, that it's pleasant all around. I admit I am partial to goats milk cheese, which is what this is. There's a better description and photo of this cheese here.

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