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Thursday, April 12, 2012

quit playin games...

...with my heart, that is.

You continue to break my heart, Oakland. And A's, why must you remain so unstable? Reading this made me so sad. There's nothing like reading about the possibility of your beloved home team leaving for another city, season after season. Some may argue that this isn't news, and that the A's haven't been getting the love they deserve from Oakland for a long time now. Well how are things supposed to get better when the public has no clue when the team is going to pack up and head south? There's no way a team can build a larger, stronger fan base if the fans aren't even sure if what they're rooting for will be theirs to root for come spring.

And what incentive does the team have to stay when their city can't deliver on desperately-needed new digs? ...especially when there were only about 2,500 in attendance at a game earlier this week, as mentioned on PTI (PTI!) and described by Kornheiser as "frightful." Fans, where are you?! I have no idea what my fan status would be if the A's moved, but talk of a possible move has lasted for years now, and a decision needs to be made already. Stop leading us on. (...and it would help if you had a winning season, guys...)

(photo cred: Oaklandish)

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