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Thursday, January 24, 2013

why so stupid, stupid

For this first List Wednesday list in a while (yes, on Thursday), I'm going to have to share all of the instances in which I've experienced the most intense stupidity ever, all within the last couple of weeks.
  1. This was at Room and Board. I walk into the 2-stall bathroom. There's a woman standing "in line." I stand behind her. After about 5 seconds of silence, she turns and says to me "I hope there's someone in there." WHAT? My mind is racing. I say "Did you even check?" She says no, and we both move toward a stall door. She does a pathetic little knock while I just open up the door - no one. I look at her. I open the other stall door. No one. Who doesn't check the stalls before standing in line, especially when it's silent? Why would you just stand there and "hope" someone is in there? How long was she waiting there before I walked in? How much longer would she have waited had I not walked in?? I was baffled.

  2. The second instance took place in the driveway (see photo below, taken a few days after this incident) we sometimes take into our building parking garage that is shared with the public who patronize the businesses on our ground floor, which includes a shuttered grocery store, as indicated by the sign. (The driveway splits to resident and retail parking.) As we approach the driveway, we see another car just sitting in the driveway, blocking it. We honk. Nothing. We honk again. Nothing. HHOONNKK. Then a man gets out of the car waving his hand in a "take it easy" kind of way, and asks us if the grocery store was open. Let me, once more, refer you to the photo below. What part of "TEMPORARILY CLOSED" did they not understand?? (2 question marks = mind blown by stupidity)

  3. If you have the capacity for one more stupid incident, here you go: It's rush hour on a southbound Metro train. A woman on a sit-scooter rolls onto the train, parks her scooter in the opposite doorway, gets up, and walks to a seat! At the next stop, the doors open on the side that her scooter is parked. As predicted, her scooter is completely in the way, creating a bottleneck for people boarding the train at rush hour. Furthermore, she's taking up a seat when she could have just stayed seated in her scooter. I'm looking at her seeing if she gives any inclination of "oops" or "oh sorry, let me move my scooter..." Nope. Nothing. And as expected, once out of DC, the scooter creates a bottleneck for people getting off the train...including me.

  4. Here's one more little one: A woman speeds down my street in the early hours of a weekday morning without her lights on (it's still dark). She is proceeded by another car, who stops for a crossing pedestrian carrying a baby. The speedster then honks twice at the stopping car. 'nough said.
Stupidity doesn't deserve civility.

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