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Friday, May 04, 2012

dudes' duds

I know how you all love to hear about my taste in clothes, but I recently got a request from a loyal reader to feature more men's fashion.  Since I've always thought men's fashion was a snoozefest, and weakly attempted to touch on it before here and here (I guess sports uniforms don't count), I'm going to leave it to the pros. Hence, here are some men's fashion blogs to which I will refer my male readers for some inspiration and eye candy.

The Urban Gentleman
This blog covers it all - fashion, grooming, etiquette, style, how to get laid. The latest post is about using a few key pieces to accomplish a unique look, which is helpful in countering the argument that men's fashion is a big snore. Among the suggested pieces:

(photo creds: Barney's, Nordy's)

The Urban Gent also covers street style.  Check out this stylish man:

(photo cred: TheUrbanGent)

Check out the far right side of the site - The Urban Gentleman Guides: Basics for Every Man. Here is where you will find helpful tips on how to fold that cute pocket square, 'how to prepare for a female visitor', 'mouth etiquettes' (?), and whether or not men can (should be 'should') wear sandals. For celebrity examples of the kinds of styles covered by this site, read this.

Perhaps one of the most well-known and influential style photographers - one that most others aspire to - is Scott Schuman, the Sartorialist. Although I don't care for his writing, his photos are pretty great and he doesn't come off as douchey as one could be if they were him.

(photo cred: The Sartorialist)
He covers a wide range of ages and places in his pictures, and one of my favorite things to do is click on the random pictures to the right of the site. They provide tons of style inspiration...

(photo cred: The Sartorialist)
...or just personal looks seen around town, like this man in Washington Square Park.

(photo cred: The Sartorialist)

(photo cred: The Sartorialist)

(photo cred: yep, Sartorialist)
(photo cred: Sartorialist)

For those of you into dapper looks, Schuman covers the annual Pitti Uomo show and captures tons of pictures of those in attendance looking very sharp, but my favorite looks are the more casual ones, like the one the man to the left is sporting. 

Oddly, I think my favorite photos of men on this site are the older fellows. They just seem to have a more established disposition that is conveyed through the photos - 'trying too hard' is certainly not something one would say when seeing them.

(photo cred: Sartorialist)

(photo cred: Sartorialist)

(photo cred: submitted to the Sartorialist)
On occasion, Schuman will also solicit readers' vintage family photos - undoubtedly interesting and inspirational for those pining for looks of an earlier era.

If I've learned anything from the vintage photos, it's that good pieces are timeless...but women's clothing is still much more interesting, which is why I'll just send you here for more men's fashion blogs.

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