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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

sports bits

By now, I've figured out that bloggers' gripes about feeling "uninspired" is totally real and not a bunch of whiny crock. Having said this, I hope you'll excuse this week's List, as being one of somewhat stale sports bits from the past week, because we all know that in the sports world, stories get old quick.

    Pujols is in a homer draught. HAHA Angels, and your dumb moneybags payroll. I hope you rot in last place amidst your dysfunction and lack of extra cash.

(photo cred: Amy Sancetta/AP)

    We went to the A's/O's game this past Sunday at my favorite ballpark, Camden Yards. It was a brilliantly sunny day, just perfect for baseball. I was feeling especially confident that my home team would make me proud. Although a definite minority, we A's fans represented quite well in a sea of orange. Anyway, I saw my new fav, Colon, pitch about 8.5 innings, holding the O's to no runs and setting his team up for a win... until Balfour blew it and the A's lost 2-5. At least it was a nice day. (...filled with Old Bay sausages, rolling crabs and Natty Boh! Yay Baltimore!) 

(photo cred: here, by Christopher Soper)
    The Brooklyn Nets' logos were revealed earlier this week. Jay-Z's team is going to have some boring uniforms if they stick to this black and white scheme.

(pic cred: NBA.com/nets)

    I think they should have orange and black uniforms, since no other basketball team does, or, even better - uniforms that incorporate Jay-Z blue. Duh, Jay!

 (photo cred: here)
    The Redskins are idiots. Yes, I'm referring to their drafting a second QB after getting RGIII. They don't even deserve a picture.
    While we're on DC sports, that Bryce Harper is an exciting lad to watch. Hot dang, does he have a cannon on him!

    Lastly, I know this isn't a news story, per se, but I just wanted to suggest that maybe Tony Reali should have dinner with G and me. His sports knowledge, friendly demeanor and witty use of Seinfeld references have us both giggling like schoolgirls.

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