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Friday, May 25, 2012

my big day...

...was last Saturday. It was the craziest, most awkward, and perhaps weirdest wedding anyone has ever attended. Despite this, we were amongst our families (just 31 people in attendance) and flanked by love and support. I'm glad it's over, but glad it turned it out the way it did. Here's what I wore:

This comfortable, unique dress with the most amahhzing see-through bell sleeves (Plenty by Tracy Reece, from BHLDN) had a silhouette that reminded me of traditional Filipiniana dresses or kimonas. This looked great next to G's barong.

These were chosen among a total of 10 pairs of shoes I ordered. They turned out to look great with the dress, but were really loose at the heel. Hence, I wore them only for the ceremony, changing into flat gold sandals for the reception. (Nina Forbes in Gold Royal Satin from Zappos)

...and the icing on the cake: this simple, lovely birdcage veil my mom made for me. Sitting on its box in this photo doesn't do it justice but it brought the entire look into wedding magnificence. 

My hair was done by Kaori at Hair Kuwayama and it was, to my delight, not the common tight, slicked, kinky-curled up-do. It was the perfect landing place for the veil. My makeup was done by my BFF and my nails were in a super light pink-almost-white Essie color of which I don't remember the shade name.

Until I see photos that suggest otherwise, I'm pretty pleased with how my entire look came together.

(photo creds: 1, 2)

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