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Saturday, February 18, 2012

le sigh...

(photo cred: taken by her, for this site)

This here is a dream outfit of mine. Just spotted on Atlantic-Pacific, it has all the right play on proportions (big, fluffy faux fur pullover with skinny bottoms), textures (tangible and visual - fur, leather, fluffy, sharp angles of the heels and purse (supercute mini Celine tote)) and colors (chocolate, black, and red). I'm just loving everything about it and love each individual piece. How great is that pullover!...which, by the way, is Kate Spade (and super expen$ive).

Speaking of Kate Spade, take a gander at this:

  (print image cred: Garance Dore)

That is Garance Dore's print for Kate Spade (!), which sounds like will appear on clothing. I can't wait to see it on a skirt! As a fan of all of her illustrations (not to mention her style), I am really liking this.

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