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Friday, February 10, 2012

low brow, high brow

(photo cred: H&M)

Low brow: Here's a versatile striped sweater from H&M that's perfect in most temperatures - a nice outer layer in mild temps, a good layer under a coat for sufficient warmth in lower temps. It's less than $30.

(photo cred: GILT)

High brow: And here's a striped sweater by Theysken's Theory, currently available on GILT for $179, original price $395. (I actually prefer the look of the H&M version.)

(photo cred: BudgetBabe)

On another note, you all may be aware that the Jason Wu collection hit Target stores on Super Bowl Sunday (if you read this blog regularly, you should know that). Having my priorities straight, I did not raid my local Target, but instead went on a run and to Wegman's, H-Mart and BonChon to pick up groceries and food for our Super Bowl spread. A couple days later, we went to Target to get toilet paper and the Jason Wu racks resembled those in the above picture.

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