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Sunday, February 12, 2012

watching the grammy's...

  • RIP Whitney. I wish I could make a video or audio montage of all of my favorite Whitney songs. I remember imitating her as a kid by singing into a fake microphone and tapping it in trademark Whitney fashion. (Skinny Jennifer Hudson did an excellent job covering the song I like the least of Whitney's.)
  • I love the Grammy's! It's the best concert ever! Greatest hits of everyone!
  • This is the best Maroon 5 has ever sounded (covering the Beach Boys).
  • The Beach Boys! Old as the hills.
  • Every performance has been excellent thus far (my favorite being Alicia Keys + Bonnie Raitt - love these otherwise unlikely collaborations).
  • I'm so glad Foo Fighters won Best Rock Performance, especially after hearing how they recorded their album. Plus, they're as good as ever.
  • Grammy commercials! - who knew!? It's like watching the Super Bowl all over again!
  • Can LL host every award show?
  • El Debarge??? R Kelly?? What year is this?! Love it!! I can't believe the award went to Chris Brown. And was that Ledisi? I remember seeing her at Blues Alley on a date years ago. Who knew?
  • Oh man, Adele.
  • Oh no. The day has come. I don't know any of the nominees for "Best New Artist." Wonderful. This coincides well with my finding a white hair this morning.
.... and with that, time for bed... (thank goodness for DVR)

  • Oh wait. Nate Dogg is DEAD?! When did that happen? I don't know what's harder to believe - that he's dead or G not knowing who he is.

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