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Thursday, February 09, 2012


Oops I forgot to post this yesterday. Happy Thursday!

As much as we'd all like to (or maybe not...), we can't avoid consuming processed foods. Whole foods schmole foods. We make sure to adjust the rest of our diet and physical activity to compensate for our taste for processed foods, so it's all good (we do, however, need to work on our sodium intake).

On this List Wednesday, I present to you another list of food items: a few processed yummies we bought this past weekend.

1. Eat Your Vegetables Chips in Jalapeno Ranch flavor

(photo cred: here)

These are delicious. Spotted for the first time a few weeks ago on a Wegman's endcap, the texture of these crispy delights is akin to that of fried wuntun (or as non-Chinese say, wonton) skins. They're made of dried potatoes, beans and rice flour. The jalapeno ranch flavor is exactly what I love about processed flavors (your stereotypical jalapeno and ranch notes), with the jalapeno surprisingly spicy enough to actually feel on your tongue. I think it's funny but a little disconcerting that you can get these on the Babies 'r Us site.

2. Green Tea Soymilk (Vegemil)

(photo cred: here)

A grad school favorite of mine, this soy milk has found another fan in G in recent years as well. We used to get a whole flat of these, but H-Mart has only been selling them individually lately, so we've just been getting handfuls at a time. This image comes from their website, which I was glad to find because now we can order our bulk packs again online! It's by far my favorite soy milk variety, over even the black soy milks, and maybe even over Vitasoy (the nerve of me to betray the brand of my childhood! Gasp! Is that coconut flavor new?).

3. Annie's Organic Pizza Snack Mix

(photo cred: here)

Once bought to silence and appease a certain hungry now-5-year-old on a car ride to Pittsburgh, this cracker and pretzel snack mix is a favorite in our household (the 5-year-old liked it a lot too). We previously were only able to find it at Target, but on our last visit to Wegman's, G vigilantly spotted it. A baby-food container full is the perfect snack (among 4 others) for my workday.

4. Betty Crocker's FUN da-middles Cupcake Mix

 (photo cred: here)

Look at it! Enough said. Seriously considering making a batch to bring as our "snack to share" for our upcoming engagement retreat.

5. Uegaki Beika Wasabi Flavored Rice Crackers/Kaki No Tani

(photo cred: here)

We used to just call these chili crackers growing up and they would just come in spicy chili flavor, but ever since discovering these wasabi flavored ones a few years ago, I've never gone back to just spicy chili. These are potent! Occasionally, you'll get a clump of them stuck together and if you pop the whole clump into your mouth, you'll feel the sensation of eating a clump of wasabi. Phenomenal.

6. Tabasco, Buffalo-style

(photo cred: here)

Upon watching the commercial for this, we knew we had to try it. Having a love for everything Tabasco, I went nuts on a brief trip to New Orleans, buying some of the Tabasco products that don't make it to our local store shelves...so I was delighted to learn that a new flavor is available everywhere! We haven't tried it yet, but expect nothing less than delicious.

...and here's an ode to bringing classic processed snacks to a party (although I prefer Coke):

(Recorded from this original Youtube video)

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