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Friday, November 18, 2011

longbridge park

Our community recently unveiled a new park! Longbridge Park is an excellent use of taxpayer dollars and is a model for redevelopment and eco-friendly design. This use of land is remarkable; the park lies in an area that formerly resembled a movie murder scene (see comment here).

(photo cred: Arlington Cty Newsroom)

This is a picture of the half-mile-long esplanade, with soccer fields (there are 3 total) to the left.  You can read more about the park on the county's sites or on a community news site. There will also be an indoor recreation center (that includes an Olympic-sized pool) that will be built nearby in the second construction phase. My only gripe would be that the park could have gone with one less field and instead added a tennis court or two (or three). Otherwise, thanks fellow tax payers! Thanks Arlington County! And thanks Marymount University (for funding the construction of one of the fields)!

Update: I have another gripe - there aren't enough trash cans on the esplanade. Other than that, thanks Arlington County voters for giving me a safe, well-let place to run at night!

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