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Monday, November 21, 2011

news IQ

I'm proud to announce that I only missed one question on the Pew Research Center's news IQ quiz (the question about how many troops have been killed in Afghanistan). Take the quiz here and read about the results in this report. For my loyal readers, these questions may be no-brainers, which they should be, but as you'll see in the report, there's a large percentage of the public that can't answer the questions correctly. Since I express myself best using arrows and incomplete sentences, here are my thoughts regarding these findings:

bad economic situation -> people are pissed and tired -> people either have no work, working many low-paying jobs, working long hours to keep what job they have, or just have lots going on -> people have no time, interest, patience for what's going on outside of their personal lives, not a priority -> people become less informed -> people vote according to their anger, misinformation, frustration -> bad, corrupt people with their own agendas who exploited the frustration of their constituents are elected into office -> our country and world turn into poo

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