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Monday, November 07, 2011


What kind of traveler are you?

American Express has a new travel program that, based on the type of traveler you are, generates a destination and itinerary that's unknown to you until a few days before your trip starts - it's called Nextpedition and I read about it through Foodspotting. It all starts with you taking a traveler profile quiz to determine what kind of traveler you are. This is what I got:


...and here's the drescription: "Blisstorian. You wander far. So far, east becomes west. Searching the ancient temples to nourish both mind and body. Your restless spirit meanders like the Great Wall of China across the seas and continents. Drawing strength from the mystical incantations of the multi-limbed deities who watch over you on your journeys. If only they could carry your bags."

My runner-up, which I thought would have been my actual type was

which is described as this: "Tasteblazer. You sit atop the food chain like it’s your throne. You’re a wandering foodie royalty. Taking full advantage of your position to nosh on the finest fare in all the land. Any land. For, you constantly crave the new. And, won’t be sated ‘til you’ve sucked the marrow out of the very bones of life itself."

...so let me know if you are the same type of traveler! Maybe we can plan our Nextpeditions together!
(Who am I kidding?...I have no vacation time or money for this!)

(I received no compensation from AmEx for this post. I really just want to know what kind of traveler you are.)

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