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Friday, November 11, 2011

taylor tomasi hill

I learned about Taylor Tomasi Hill, the former accessories director at Marie Claire, a while back from reading various fashion blogs that I now peruse frequently. I couldn't wear a lot of what she wears, but her ability to combine fabrics, colors, textures and components of variable femininity is so fascinating. All of these interesting components coupled with an effortlessness that she also somehow achieves makes her an intriguing sight. 

Anyway, so I was really surprised to learn this morning that she's left Marie Claire and is now the artistic director at Moda Operandi, the online trunk show site that I joined just to look at how ridiculously expensive runway looks can be. I usually just delete the emails I get from Moda Operandi and don't foresee ever purchasing anything off the site, but maybe now I'll pay more visits to it knowing that it is influenced by TTH's interesting fashion sense.

(photo creds: RedCarpet-FashionAwards.com and here)

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