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Friday, November 04, 2011

simple street style

(photo creds: Streetpeeper and Streetpeeper)

...just some excellent shots I found this week on Streetpeeper, taken on obviously warmer days. I love how simple the first girl's outfit is, but also love the unique combination of her skirt's fabric and pleats. The skirt is complimented perfectly with the cut and length of her top.

The second shot has a perfect backdrop and the brightness and sheeny-ness of her dress makes her stand out from the background in a way that teeters on her being out of place, yet it works so well. Her stance is so relaxed and those shoes - I am loving them (although I think I would have worn brown shoes with that dress as opposed to black ones). Again, the greatness of this shot and outfit lies in the simplicity and timelessness of it all.

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