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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

clue: it weighs a ton

This week's List is superfun - it's a list of 


(This looks like a really bad eBay photo, but it's not. I'm not selling my bag.)

This is my red Foley + Corinna mid city tote bought from a sample sale in the LES.  I love its rich color and that you can wear it multiple ways, but it's pretty heavy even when empty. So what do I do? I stuff it with lots of stuff, of course.

... so here's ==THE STUFF THAT'S IN MY BAG==

  • Kindle
  • Government ID
  • Sunglasses (from Target) in a Brooks Brothers case (from an old pair of glasses)
  • Orbit gum
  • Extra maxi pads (Always Infinity, if you must know)
  • Black foldable reusable shopping bag (thanks, Ma - it's the best for unexpected shopping)
  • White hankerchief (because every lovely lady should use one - thanks again, Ma)
  • Ipod in a Totoro case (from HK) dirtied by a leaking pen (case courtesy of Ma too)
  • Eos mint lip balm
  • Green leather dual mirror from Crabtree & Evelyn (from Ma also)
  • Black Muji mesh zip case of various cosmetic and toiletry items
  • Coin purse from the National Native American Museum, which holds my Harris Teeter VIP shoppers card, my SmarTrip card and a few extra bucks (this serves as my giveaway wallet should I ever be held up...walking through DC at night makes you think of these things)
  • Keys on keyring with a library of tiny club cards, library cards, etc..., keychains and rape whistle
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Forever-reliable DayMinder (model SK-48 - I dedicated a whole post on it here)
  • Ro wallet from Century 21 years ago (original price $100, but I got it for $14.97!)

...and here's a more detailed look at what's in my Muji case (bonus list!):

  • Shiseido blush
  • Crabtree & Evelyn lip conditioner (Remedy line)
  • Stila lip glaze in starfruit
  • Mini hair clawclip
  • GUM toothpicks
  • Pill box in the shape of a bear's head
  • Other items in the case include bandaids, floss, hair clips, hair ties, Bliss breath freshening mint lip balm

Hope you enjoyed that look into the intimate world that is my bag...plus, you got a bonus list! Score!

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