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Thursday, October 06, 2011

'yuns need to go

"...Mr. McConnell’s Republicans will filibuster any jobs bill, and Mr. Cantor’s will reject most of it." [NYTimes OpEd]

This in itself is despicable. We get it. The GOP wants the president to fail - but at the expense of those who gave them jobs (many of whom are unemployed themselves)? This is the only reason for their resistance to passing the president's proposed jobs bill. The bill is paid for! The bill proposes tax cuts! The bill proposes incentives for small businesses! Eeeeerrrggggggg

...but yes, I am biased. So I ask whoever wants to do a fact check on me - here's the Republican Jobs Bill Plan. Let me know if you see anything in there that doesn't jibe with the president's or that can't be combined to make the two plans complimentary to each other.

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