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Friday, October 28, 2011


Important things that I should write about but don't want to (so feel free to enlighten and elaborate in the comments section if you so desire):

  • Occupy Wall Street protests, particularly what has come of it in Oakland (but I will say this: Although I do support the initial motives for the movement, I am cognizant of the reasons for police intervention (note: not inappropriately aggressive measures). Honestly, seeing the footage, and as acknowledged in the Times today, it looks like a lot of dirty white people, so it is very likely that camp areas have become health hazards and public nuisances, in terms of smells and nastiness.
  • Last night's CBS Evening News '1 in 7 Billion' story on the typical person, who, as I predicted, was Han Chinese
  • Last night's crazy World Series Game 6
  • Post-election protests in Tunisia

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