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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

public transportation etiquette for dummies

This week's List addresses some of the offenses I witness everyday on public transportation. As a current daily rider of the bus and train, and as a customer of public transportation in three major metropolitan areas since the age of 8 (many of my years using it daily), I consider myself a seasoned rider.  So, yes, consider your source, because in this case, I know the subject well.

  1. Taking too long to board and de-board (includes not getting up from your seat until people are already boarding)
    • What are you waiting for?
  2. Talking too loud on your phone
    • Age-old problem in any public space
  3. Not de-boarding through the back door, especially when you are not close to the front door
    • I don't think people realize that this could really speed things up. People can board the bus through the front door while you de-board out the back door.
  4. Not taking off your backpack or shoulder bag in a sardine-packed, super crowded train or bus
    • This frees up a lot of space - a full backpack can take up as much room as an additional body. Plus, holding your bag or backpack rather than wearing it on your back or shoulder keeps your belongings secure and in your vision, or out of reach for pickpockets.
  5. Staring
    • Even a 5-yr old knows not to stare (or they should know). Don't do it.
  6. Standing by the door when you have no intention of getting off at the next stop.
    • You're in the way of someone actually de-boarding, or you're taking up room for someone who is actually planning on getting off at the next stop.
I know there are more, but I can't think of them right now. If you think of any, please post them in the comments. As for the items that are listed above, now you know - don't do them!

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