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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Chef Jacques Pepin was inducted into the French Legion of Honor, his home country's highest civilian honor, in 2004.
(photo cred: International Culinary Center/NPR)

I waited for Toothsome Tuesday to come around to post about this...I'm so excited, but won't get my hopes up. As reported by Eater, Jacques Pepin and Michel Richard will be cooking together on November 18 at Citronelle!!! ...and I've been put on the waiting list. Let's hope someone cancels. The menu will consist of dishes from Jacques Pepin's new cookbook, the reason for this occasion of dynamomasterFrenchchefs proportions.

...now where's that picture I have of me and him when we met at the National Book Fair in 2007? Would it be creepy if I brought it with me on the 18th and had him sign it?

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