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Thursday, October 13, 2011


So I posted a short post last week about how the Republicans are bashing the president's jobs bill, which was a pretty good segue into this week's Senate vote on the bill. Not surprisingly, Senate Republicans killed it. In my post, I was trying to be fair by not exactly saying the Republicans have no ideas of their own to counter the president's jobs bill. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt. Why did I even bother? I should have just said what I wanted to say (I'm sure by not doing so, I committed some sort of blogger crime, and am sorry). Here we go: Their spiel is fluff. That plan I linked to is hot air. Their flavor of the month, Herman Cain, is a joke of a candidate.

Published yesterday in the Times was this editorial on exactly my sentiments. I'm glad my initial thinking was correct and validated by the Times, but I'm also still steaming from the lack of progress our lawmakers are making. I hope Republican voters are paying attention and not holding the president responsible for this lack of progress.  A recent poll (was it the NBC/WSJ one?) showed that a majority of Americans supported the president's jobs bill. Killing the bill was a political act that couldn't be more blatant. I can only imagine the frustration the president is feeling...forget Tiger Woods, I'd be slinging hot dogs at the Republicans right about now.

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