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Monday, October 03, 2011


...annddd we're back. Sorry, folks, for being silent for a few days. Had to readjust my life and move into a whole different state! It's amazing how much space clothes, shoes, bags, and coats occupy! ...and it's all really heavy. Anyway, I missed talking about fashion on Friday, so here's a quick post about some of my current wish list items - here's some high-brow low-brow action for you:

(photo cred: Celine)

I've been eyeing this classic Celine flap bag for quite a while now. Shown here in vernice black, it's so versatile, but also check out the wonderfully warm and equally versatile winter colors here. This bag is classically classic classy.

Also Celine is this gorgeously gorgeous trapeze bag. Right? I know. Just so refined and modern.

(photo cred: Celine)

I don't know why I just don't order these already since they're on sale - the Fioni-brand Tenley lace-up bootie from Payless. They're perfect for fall.

Womens FioniWomen's Tenley Lace-up Wedge Boot
(photo cred: Payless)

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