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Monday, March 05, 2012

burberry f/w 2012

This is old news (yet again), but a couple weeks ago, Burberry showed off their fall/winter 2012 collection at London Fashion Week, and boy is it excellent. Below are some of my favorite looks (how great do Shu Pei [1], Jourdan Dunn [2] and Liu Wen [4] look ?):

(all photos from here)

I am especially fond of the rich fabrics and the accents of equally rich hues that are paired with more neutral colors. I also really like the ruffles, cropped jackets, bubble pockets, and accessories, and how one pair of shoes can be worn with every look. The collection offers looks that can easily be replicated, or at least inspires lots of similar looks. It's just so awesomely wearable.

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