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Friday, March 16, 2012

friday lunch log: pepe edition

Yeah, it's been over a week since Pepe was launched, but today was our day.

We drove into the District only knowing the truck was headed toward L'Enfant Plaza... but then, we spotted it circling around...

...so we followed it...

...and parked right behind it. Wuhoo! First in line!

We ordered the Pollo Frito, Pepito de Ternera, a Pepe Tonic, and the ice cream flauta.

(photo cred: Eater)

Just had to take a picture of the pre-eaten goodies, what with their cute Pepe stickers.

You'll notice there's an additional beverage in the picture. That's because the nice guy at the window gave us a free sangria! Maybe it was because we were first in line, or because we waited longer than a few other people for our food, or maybe just because my outfit was supercute...but regardless, it surely was nice of him.

Sorry no close-up pics, but I'll tell you that everything was delicious. The beef was tender and almost gamey when paired with the blue cheese. The other accompaniments (peppers and onions) were spot on. The Pollo Frito was equally tasty, with its highlight being the piparra peppers. There was just the right amount of everything in both sandwiches. As for the flauta, the ice cream was delicious, but that chocolate cookie! The outside of it was sprinkled with crunchy choco bits, and that was what drove it home for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the Pepe Tonic - it was refreshing and light - and the sangria truly tasted like there was wine in it, despite it being virgin.

Although pricey, we really enjoyed our meal and were sad when it was over. It's interesting to note that unlike many trucks that go from truck to brick-n-mortar storefronts, Pepe was the opposite, and this was easy to see, as the truck operated with the efficiency and well-oiled manner as a well-run restaurant. I was impressed by their ordering and ticketing system (are all food trucks getting this tech-savvy? I haven't been to one in months, I admit.) Yeah, I may be swayed by the free drink, but it was also a testament to the business acumen, or astuteness, of the staff.  Aplausos, Pepe!

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