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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

oink oink

Thanks to a Modern Marvels film on pigs shown at work, I learned the following...behold this week's List:

(photo cred: here) 

  1. Pigs produce four times the amount of waste as humans.
  2. Fumes from pigs' waste is highly toxic.
  3. Pigs' anatomy is very similar to that of humans.
  4. Conventional pigs (as opposed to organic, free-range pigs) are typically market-ready at about 6 months.
  5. Darker pork is usually of higher quality (and higher in fat content) than lighter-colored (and leaner) pork.
  6. Genes are selected by breeders to create a leaner, longer pig that yields less fat, but more ribs and bacon.
  7. Artificial insemination is often used for breeding.
  8. Pigs whose destiny is to become prosciutto are fed acorns.

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