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Saturday, March 31, 2012

more cherry blossom fun

I almost forgot! It's that time of the year again for...

...cherry blossom-inspired haikus!
I've written numerous ones over the years on random pieces of paper and napkin but alas, have lost them. Much like the rebirth of spring, I come up with new ones every spring that I spend in the DC area. Lucky for you, this is the first time I'm posting some. (I follow the  English convention of 17 syllables, not the traditional Japanese version of 17 on or morae.) Despite the blossoms' early arrival and departure, enjoy.

Cherry blossoms, yay!
We greet you with smiles and cheer.
Beautiful, you are.

It has been so warm.
Spring time is here oh so soon.
Sweat rolls down my face.

Ugh, tourists abound.
They descend on our city.
They dress so poorly.

 Metro, you're sucky.
What a big embarrassment.
You're a money-suck.

Pedal boaters, go!
Explore the Tidal Basin.
Springtime fun for all.

You bloomed too early.
You are a fleeting beauty. 
We'll see you next year.

(all photos by: Angela B. Pan Photography)

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