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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

food journal

:: Processed Foods :: 
Aside from this year's bounty of Girl Scout cookies, here is my current fave processed food:

 (photo cred: here)

Tastes great melted on top of a bowl of chili! There's surprisingly a strong presence of jalapeno bits and seeds imbedded into the cheese.

:: Whole Foods ::
In terms of non-processed food, the new fave in our household is asparagus, leeks, shallots and cremini mushrooms, all chao-ed/chowed together. Last night, I added a small pat of butter and although it was delicious, I'll have to stop adding it because we don't want to get too used to it.

:: Community Eats ::
As for new eats, we have tried a few places in the last week. Last Friday, we went to Burger Tap & Shake for breakfast burgers. One El Camino (chorizo patty, black bean chili, egg, and whatever 'XXX' is) and one Mont Tremblant (Canadian bacon, egg, and maple fromage blanc). 

Saturday we went to Eamonn's for some fish 'n' chips. G had the regular sized cod and I had the whiting, which apparently is not always on the menu. Although it wasn't either of our first times eating cod or whiting, we both agreed that the whiting was far superior than the cod in texture and flavor and fryability. The difference is easy to tell when having them side by side. Our sauces of choice were classic tartar and curry - both were great, though I thought the curry was a bit watery. Nonetheless, the place is pretty legit.

Sunday we went to Southern Hospitality for brunch. I deviated from my usual choice of chicken and waffles (whaa?? I know.) and went with the pastrami gravy and biscuits (the pastrami intrigued me).  It came with a unique version of home fries that included sweet potatoes. Although the helping looked small, I walked away feeling satiated but not nappy, unlike most brunches. I was happy with the biscuits and gravy, but found my bellini to be a little underwhelming and not as peachy as I had hoped.

Sorry for this uninspired post, but I'm pounding this out because Immabout to get myself some Yuengling Light and Oreos!!!! Happy 100th Birthday, Oreos!!!  Yes, a celebration is in order.

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