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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dear MacPhail Family...

I'm wondering how you are feeling today. I, like so many others around the nation and around the world, went to bed and/or woke up feeling sick upon hearing the news that Troy Davis was executed late last night. I am so sorry for your loss of a son, a father, a husband, a beloved friend and family member. I'm also sorry for the community when they lost Mark MacPhail as a valued police officer. I am also sad for you, that you have not reached a point of forgiveness and peace after 22 years. True, your family has wanted some sort of closure - anyone in your position would. However, obtaining the closure that you have been seeking for so many years involves slowly allowing yourselves to be forgiving, merciful. Mark MacPhail died under unfortunate circumstances, circumstances that are still unclear today. No one can say confidently who the shooter was and if the shooter shot intending to kill. Witnesses and jurors have recanted their statements and decisions. The investigation suffered biased practices. Amidst all this uncertainty, though, you were certain you wanted Troy Davis to be killed. I believe inside each of you is an ounce of uncertainty, but you want so badly for someone to pay for the loss you have suffered...at the expense of a man who may well be innocent. And because I have hope that you are better people that I see you to be, I'm guessing you still can't sleep well at night despite Troy Davis' death - because  his execution is not what provides closure. I pray that you reach the point of forgiveness and peace. I pray that you realize what was done last night and use your uncured pain and suffering to fight to never put another family like yours or Troy Davis' in such a position that you were in.  I pray that all those who could have stopped this not let any future opportunities to save a life, to admit mistakes, to do what is right, slip away ever again. I pray that capital punishment is abolished, as it makes no gains for humanity, teaches no lessons, provides no peace, serves no justice. Lastly, I pray that Troy Davis rests in peace.

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