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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tasty Tuesdays?

Quick post because I actually have work to do today!
So I'm going to try out yet another feature - Tasty Tuesdays. I like to post about food at all times, but Tasty Tuesdays will guarantee at least one posting about topics that are gastronomically engaging. Let me know if you're tired of features.

On today's list is a stream of restaurant news bits courtesy of Eater:
  • Apparently the people behind Chipotle is opening a new chain with a South Asian concept (did Steve Ells rip the idea from a contestant on America's Next Great Restaurant?) called ShopHouse, which is due to open its first location in DC "within days". I'm not that excited.
  • Next is word that Cuba Libre is expanding. I'm really surprised this establishment hasn't closed yet. The service was booty when we went. 'nuf said, can't go back.
  • Hill Country has launched its $25 all-you-can-eat BBQ menu. I heard about this in NY, and will hopefully try it sometime when I'm in the mood for some BBQ..which is almost never.
On another note, last week, we were able to finally make our way to Graffiato for a seniors-special-deal-5:30pm dinner (that was the only time I could get a reservation). Peep my pics in the Foodspotting widget. I'd go back to try the pizza with potatoes on it and the other pizza with the.... I can't remember, but there are two pizzas I still want to try. Also, they have pony beers. The crust on the pizza was really enjoyable - not too burnt, not too crackery. Try not to sit upstairs...it's not as lively and if you sit by the windows, a line of inactive waitstaff hang out facing the tables and watch you eat.

On yet another note, yesterday was Jung Chao Jit - or Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Keeping with tradition, we did what we do every year. After the moon rose, we ate a mooncake and drank some tea (made from unfortunate over-steeped Pu-Erh leaves) while staring and appreciating the bright round moon.

Lastly, I just got an email for a fantastic event that I hope I can attend:

The Spaniards of El Bulli lore! Speaking of which...I just stumbled upon this on Phaidon's website about Ferran Adria's plans for his new foundation. (That's my second mention of Phaidon in a week! Bonus point for spotting the first mention!)

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