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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

good thymes

...Good times indeed at Rosemary's Thyme Bistro! This past Sunday was BVBC's second brunch gathering and it was a big success! Thirteen of us convened in the spacious and comfortable side room at the corner bistro, chosen for its varied menu, accommodating seating and close proximity to the originally chosen brunch location that won't be named but you can click on that link and this link to find out - Tabard Sucks. (Oops- I named it. Read the first reviews of each link for my shared sentiment.)

We all got to sit at one big table. Bloody marys, coffee and mimosas were ordered and conversation ensued! Not sure about everyone else's but my blood mary was bloody weak and could have used a bit more booze. Dishes ordered included:

 (photo cred: me)
Eggs Florentine (with home fries, arranged adorably into a smiley face)
(photo cred: S.L.)
Huevos Rancheros (ordered by two people, served over refried beans)

(photo cred: S.L.)
Lamb Shish (served with rice, beans, mixed vegetables and tzatziki)
  • Pancakes with eggs and bacon or andouille
  • Turkish omelette (served with home fries and fruit)
  • Mediterranean Pide (with eggs)
  • Kiymali (Turkish minced meat) Pide (with eggs)
  • Adana (ground lamb and beef) kebab (served with rice, beans, mixed vegetables and tzatziki)
  • Mediterranean pizza (without feta)
  • and one more (sorry Grace - what'd you have?)
The pides (PEE-deh), or Turkish style pizzas, were topped flatbread that were folded on the edges so it looked like a boat (sorry no pics, but here's one from Yelp of another pide).
(photo cred: Pastrima pide by Patrick H on Yelp)
The pides were sapid - really tasty and runny with the eggs on top. The adana kebab was tasty as well, but the lamb shish was a bit tough and dry. One of our brunchers expressed some disappointment when he compared his huevos rancheros with those he had in New Mexico. I'm not sure about everyone else's thoughts about the food (I was too busy wolfing down my pide), but I think the general consensus was 'decent.' Although the food was not particularly spectacular, I think it's safe to say everyone was comfortable and the company was excellent (if you guys are reading, feel free to leave your comments below). Even the super-well-behaved kiddies were able to change seats for a change of scenery when needed. The service was friendly, but disappeared for long stretches at times, though this did allow us to enjoy each other's company at our own pace. To their credit, the waitstaff was patient with us, as we seemed to be super-spacey when our food arrived. (I even poked the egg yolks on the wrong pide. I know. Faux pas.) When the check did come, we rewarded the waitstaff nonetheless, because BVBC is so awesome that we were $10 over (yes, over!).

The restaurant is located a pleasant walk away from the Dupont north metro exit and the street parking is limited, though our few drivers had pretty decent luck finding a spot nearby. The take-home: excellent place for big groups and kids with enough food options to please anyone. (I'd like to return to try their tortilla espanola.) Convenient location allows for many nice and leisurely post-brunch activities.

On another note, there was a question of whether or not there was a restriction to ordering only brunchie items, since this is brunch club. The answer is NO! Sillies.

Thanks for making brunch #2 a success everyone! Hope more can make it next time! (Oh - and guests and restaurant suggestions are welcomed.)

Yours in brunch,

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