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Friday, September 09, 2011


Announcing yet another new feature - FASHION FRIDAYS! You lot know I like to peruse fashion blogs when I'm not reading food blogs, and since it's just the second day of NYFW, I thought it'd be a good idea to unveil Fashion Fridays, which means there will be at least one fashion/style-related post every Friday...probably about something I want, but hopefully I'll expand my fashion writing abilities to go beyond that. Fun Fab Fashion Fridays Fun!

So last night was Fashion's Night Out, or as they say in the industry, FNO. Although going to D&G to see Justin Beiber and Beyonce sounded like fun, the event I would have wanted to attend would probably be the one at Phaidon to see Garance's exhibit. I'm looking forward to seeing her pictures from this week's shows and events. As for the collections themselves, I haven't seen enough to say anything substantive, but I just hope a few trends make repeat appearances so I can continue sporting them, namely lace and colorblocking. I did see in Richard Chai's show some print-mixing, which is good because I don't like to look too coordinated and mixing prints is sort of an exercise in color stories and relationships. I also hope intertube-hiding lines are a trend - trapeze tops and dresses are always effective for hiding bulge!

On another note, I just saw a preview picture of Essie's new fall colors. As some fashion bloggers would say, gorge. Looking at these colors, I wish I was more into getting manicures than pedicures, then I would be able to sport these colors even when it's too cold to wear open-toed footwear.

Founder of Essie Cosmetics, Essie Weingarten; The Fall Essie collection, which was inspired by various women's handbags.
(Credit: Today Show/Getty Images, Essie)
This collection makes me really excited for fall. I'd like to find tights the color of that dark marooney color on the right. Also on the fall want-list:
  • crewneck knits (chunky and not so chunky),
  • another pair of black leggings,
  • a pair of leggings in a dark fall color that isn't black,
  • close-toed heeled shoes (preferably with an ankle strap) that look good with tights (none of that open-toed with tights business - I just can't bring myself to do that...it's almost like wearing socks with flip-flops), and
  • a pencil skirt in a nice vibrant fall color.
I also wish I could get this trench cape in my size! :( ...then I can make yet another Seinfeld reference everytime I wear it. (because I don't make enough Seinfeld references on a daily basis already) Bonus point to whoever can name the man wearing the cape in referenced episode!

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