"I suppose there are people who can pass up free guacamole, but they're either allergic to avocado or too joyless to live."— Frank Bruni

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

national rum punch day...

...is today! I'll try to remember that at happy hour today.
So over the weekend I made my way to ShopHouse, Bobby Flay's Burger Palace AND Sweetgreen. Holy Eat Out!

I know I previously posted that I wasn't that excited about ShopHouse, but it was a convenient and speedy meal that fit well between scheduled appointments. Check my pic in the Foodspotting scroll to the bottom right - I had the pork and chicken meatballs with brown rice, Chinese broccoli, papaya slaw and the spiciest sauce they had. The sauce did indeed hold its own - so surprisingly spicy, I couldn't eat a few bites without sipping some soy milk (no, soy milk isn't sold at ShopHouse - I did take-out and brought my meal home)....and no, I don't have a low capsaicin tolerance. The meatballs were flavorful enough, but I kept burping them hours after and the texture was strange and mushy. I think I'll give ShopHouse one more try and get the chicken satay instead for my protein of choice, and on bun maybe. Their banh mis are ridiculously priced, so I'll pass on those.

I've only had the soft serve from Sweetgreen, so I decided to give their salads a try on Saturday after a day of mentor training and shopping. Their specialty salads all sounded good, but geez are they expensive. I decided to make my own (which didn't save me any money at all). I had mesclun, falafel, hearts of palm, cooked broccoli, sunflower seeds and cherry tomatoes tossed with the cucumber basil yogurt dressing.  The broccoli was the best part - slightly charred/caramelized and tasty. The dressing had no flavor. Looking back at the menu now, I regret not getting a different protein (their falafel isn't fried. I know.), wasabi peas, cheese (they didn't offer it to me and I was obviously confused on how the ordering system worked), or the lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette. Boo. Guess I'll have to go back again. And perhaps on someone else's dime, try one of the specialty salads. The bread that accompanied my salad, though, was nice and hearty.

As for Bobby's Burger Palace (which until now, I thought was called Bobby's Burger Place), I had the LA Burger (medium well, crunchified) and G had the Dallas Burger (medium, not crunchified). We also had a side of sweet potato fries with honey mustard horseradish sauce. My burger was really good. Although my chips were a bit soggy, the potato chip flavor really added to the burger, and I enjoyed the guac, but didn't notice the watercress. I usually don't prefer my burgers to be so big, but I really enjoyed this one. G's on the other hand, was raw. The patty was seared on the outside, but the inside could have been put into a ring mold and eaten as tartare (the meat stuck to the knife when we cut the burger in half!). Yikes. This required a nuke in the microwave that completely messed with the integrity of the burger - the slaw was warm, the bun was soggy and matted. Disaster. What about the fries, you ask? Well they were perfectly complimented with the sauce, though I wished the sauce was thicker. Who wants a watery dipping sauce??

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