"I suppose there are people who can pass up free guacamole, but they're either allergic to avocado or too joyless to live."— Frank Bruni

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

top 6 ...

...ok so this list can probably go on forever because people are generally going backwards, lacking in common sense and courtesy, but here are six small steps that would not only make my day brighter (because this is my blog, afterall), but would also be beneficial to the rest of the world too.

== TOP 6 THINGS PEOPLE SHOULD DO MORE OF == (not in any particular order, or NIAPO)
  1. Say excuse me
  2. Don't be stupid
  3. Write hand-written letters
  4. Recycle (to help offset the letter-writing. See also number 5 below, 4th Floor residents. Hangers are not recyclable.)
  5. Follow rules (on the road, in life, in food production, whatever - but especially in the trash room, 4th Floor residents)
  6. Empathize
  7. BONUS: utilize common sense
  8. BONUS #2: Take off your shoes when in a home
  9. BONUS #3: If you don't have the balance and core strength to surf a moving train standing up and hands-free, hold on to the friggin' pole.

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