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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sports talk

Time for List Wednesday! Today's list is my attempt to bring more sports talk to this blog. I'm a fan of most sports and enjoy watching them, even if it's falling into a nap on a weekend afternoon to golf. There are certain sports analysts/announcers/commentators/color commentators that I enjoy listening to and respect more than others (yes, I realize announcers and commentators are different things, but they all are part of a body of sports pundits/wonks...and I like using slashes). Here are my favorites:

  1. John McEnroe + Mary Carillo
    • Old friends, old players, entertaining and insightful to listen to and watch. They know the game and players so well and can inject friendly banter while not saying anything inaccurate or unnecessary.
  2. Tony Kornheiser + Mike Wilbon
    • One of my favorite ESPN shows. They yell a lot but are super entertaining. They're like a married, balding couple. Playing each other's devil's advocate, sometimes they make really good opposing points...or sometimes, one of them is completely disagreeable. Entertaining nonetheless, especially during commercial breaks.
  3. Al Michaels + anyone (but I like Chris Collinsworth)
    • Doesn't need an explanation
  4. Kenny Smith + Charles Barkley
    • I like Chuck and Kenny Smith jibes with him.
  5. Brent Musberger + Kirk Herbstreit
    • Like Al Michaels, I'm not sure an explanation is needed for Brent Musberger. I don't even care about college football, but have grown to appreciate the quality that is Brent. He's just so on point.
  6. Ray Fosse (I realize Ray is listed without a partner...I just like him)
    • The Oakland A's color commentator since 1986, Ray Fosse is excellent at what he does and naturally has the voice for it. It brings me back to my childhood. I can't remember him saying anything that was superfluous.
  7. Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo (that's G's contribution to this list)
    • Per G, they are fairly new but are super entertaining. I can attest to their entertainment value, especially referring to their 'Best Available Video' bit.

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