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Friday, September 16, 2011

where my zigzags at?

First, Missoni: Late news, I know, but I wanted to save this for Fashion Fridays. The Target Missoni collection made big news when it dropped in stores on Tuesday. After discovering early on in the day that the website was down, I went to the closest suburban Target after work and there was little trace the collection ever hit, save for the signage hanging from the ceiling and on the endcaps. Crazy! I managed to score a small vase that I was eyeing online and a couple of little girl sweaters for my nieces. I was able to later score, thanks to G, a few other items from a store in the suburbs of Pittsburgh (<3 you, blue collar North Huntingdon Township!).

A few words about FWNY...I liked the simplicity and sorbet-flavor color palette of the Phillip Lim collection. Gorgeous dresses/eye candy, as usual, from Oscar de la Renta, pretty prints from Caroline Herrera, and total wearability from Rachel Roy. The sophisticated Me would dress myself in the style of that collection everyday...but alas, sophisticated is not a word that comes to mind when describing me. I prefer ragamuffin....but if I was in music, maybe raggamuffin. Dang girl, you so ragga.

I am currently (in fashion blogger speak) lusting over this Madewell backpack, as seen here on Shopbop.

I have a cheapy one from H&M that has served me well, but I can only use it as a shoulder bag now, as the strap fixtures have worn down. I'm thinking I really need this leather version to stand up to the heavy load I carry. Yes, it's a necessity.

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